ARIN Intermediate Unit 28

Regional Education Service Agency

Guest Teacher Program

Guest Teacher Orientation occurs in January and August annually.
New Guest Teacher Orientation Dates:
August 25th and August 26th, 2015
 Please Note: New Orientation Times - Both days 8:00am to 3:30pm

What is a Guest Teacher?

A Guest Teacher serves as a substitute to replace teachers when they are absent from their classrooms.

The primary requirements for becoming a Guest Teacher in ARIN Intermediate Unit 28’s Guest Teacher Consortium are:

  1. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree program conferred by a regionally accredited college/university (a teaching certificate is NOT required).
  2. Completion of the Guest Teacher training provided by ARIN IU 28.

NOTE: Those with PA teaching certificates or its equivalent from another state are NOT eligible for the Guest Teacher Program and should contact directly those districts/CTCs in which they wish to substitute.

ARIN IU 28 provides Guest Teachers for both member districts and intermediate unit classrooms and is responsible for their recruitment, training, and certification.

If you are interested in becoming a Guest Teacher, please read the information below and download and read the attachments.

If you have questions, please contact:

Suzanne Stear, Coordinator, Phone - 724-463-5300, ext. 1246
                                          Fax -    724-463-5316  
                                          Email -
  • ARIN Guest Teacher Consortium members for 2015-16 school year
    • Armstrong
    • Blairsville/Saltsburg
    • Homer Center
    • Indiana Area
    • Lenape Technical School
    • Marion Center Area
    • Penns Manor
    • United                                                                                                                                                        
ARIN Guest Teacher Program Brochure (.pdf file only – format to print 2-sided, if available)
    • The next Guest Teacher application deadline is Friday, August 14, 2015
    • All prospective Guest Teachers who submit an application packet by the deadline must also complete a two-day Guest Teacher Orientation and one day of classroom observations
If you are applying, you must attend both days of a two-day Guest Teacher Orientation.  

Both days of the Orientation are held at ARIN’s Main Office at 2895 West Pike, Indiana, PA – click here for directions.

NOTICE: ARIN reserves the right to cancel a scheduled Guest Teacher Orientation if fewer than 10 completed application packets are received by the application deadline. In the event of cancellation, all checks/money orders received will be mailed back to the applicants. 

The schedule for both days will be from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with lunch provided.

NOTE: For both days, you are required to arrive on time and stay for the entire day – do NOT make plans that will require you to leave early.

Preferably, if you receive your clearances prior to the application deadline, copies of the Act 34 PA State Police Criminal Background Check and Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance results should be submitted as part of your Guest Teacher Application packet. However, if you do not receive them in time, you should go ahead and submit the rest of the application packet prior to the deadline.

In either case, you must bring the original of the Act 151 PA Child Abuse History Clearance and Health Record with you to the Guest Teacher Orientation for verification by ARIN.

Also, as part of the Guest Teacher Application Packet, you must submit a check or money order made out to “ARIN Guest Teacher Program” for $30. No cash please.

This fee is charged to cover costs for meals, materials associated with the required two-day Guest Teacher Orientation, and for the Emergency Permit application. If your check is returned due to insufficient funds, you will be charged an additional $30. In the event you are unable to attend the two-day Orientation, your check for $30 will be returned to you ONLY if you cancel via an email to Danielle Patterson at at least 48 hours prior to the start of Day One of the Orientation.

To apply, download the following documents:

Act 126 Training:

  • Act 126 Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Training:
    • The IU will provide this training on the 2nd day of Orientation at the IU
    • If you have completed this training, submission of training certificate is required
    • Act 126/SB 449 requires all school entities and independent contractors of school entities to provide their employees who have direct contact with children with mandatory training on child abuse recognition and reporting. On December 18, 2013, Governor Corbett signed Act 120 of 2013 (SB 34), which made significant changes to the Educator Discipline Act. Those changes, which became effective February 18, 2014, include enhanced mandatory reporting requirements.

Following participation in the next Guest Teacher Orientation, when can an applicant expect to start subbing?

  • It depends on:
    • When all of an applicant’s clearances and other required forms are submitted to ARIN
    • How soon an applicant and the district they are observing is able to set up the required observation day
    • How soon ARIN can verify applicant reference checks
  • The process includes approval at board meetings by each district in which an applicant chooses to substitute (so it may also depend on when, after all other requirements have been met, that each district’s next board meeting falls)
  • Typically, Guest Teachers are able to begin subbing approximately six to eight weeks after the Orientation (although, it could take up to three months)