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  • ARIN Launches Online Video Streaming Service

    The long awaited launch of ARINPlay, an online video streaming community for schools, will finally come to an end on April 1. After months of beta testing and bug fixing, ARIN Intermediate Unit 28 will launch the service that will give an opportunity for member districts and technology centers to post content to an entity-specific channel for public viewing.

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  • ICTC Students Produce Newscast at PETE&C

    ICTC Students Produce Newscast at PETE&C Mrs. Melaney Brubaker, teacher for the Digital Media Technology program at ICTC, took a student team consisting of four students including Morgan Johnston (Penns Manor HS), Alyssa Kuhner (Saltsburg HS), Victoria Thomas (United HS) and Hanna Chero (United HS). The students were tasked with creating a "newscast" covering the 2015 PETE & C conference.

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  • ARIN Intermediate Unit Comprehensive Plan

    The ARIN Intermediate Unit Comprehensive Plan is being posted for public inspection and comment for 28 days. The Comprehensive Plan will then be presented for approval by the Board of Directors before being submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for final approval. This document focuses on Professional Education, Teacher Induction, and Public Relations at the Intermediate Unit.

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  • Summer 2015 Course: Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training for Trainers

    In Pennsylvania, Chapter 14 §14.133(c) mandates that educational staff intervene in situations in which a person poses a threat to him/herself or to another in the school setting, and §14.133(c)(2)(iii) directs that staff involved should receive appropriate training. This 6-day course will provide participants with both the expertise and the skills necessary to train others in safe strategies for dealing with these situations. Included are six modules (one per day) that cover safe, hands-on physical interventions appropriate for crisis situations, intervention and training skill development, and preventative information.

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