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    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs (EBGC)  

    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs is an after-school and summer program for school-aged children.

    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the educational and character development of boys and girls in a safe and caring environment.
    Today, Everygreen Boys & Girls Clubs have served over 1,500 members and their families in Indiana County.  They benefit from trained, caring, professional staff and volunteers.
    Club is a positive place that offers a variety of recreational, instructional, and social activities.  However, it is much more than that.  Club engages youth in activities that are fun and enjoyable and, at the same time, support the development of the following capabilities. 
    • Positive Self-Identity

    • Educational, Employment, Social, Emotional, and Cultural Competencies

    • Community and Civic Involvement

    • Character Development

    EBGC Sites:

    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at Homer-Center School District
    70 Wildcat Lane
    Homer City, PA  15748
    Tel:  724-479-9077 Ext:  *3016
     Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at Penns Manor School District
    6003 Rte 553 Hwy
    Clymer, PA  15728
    Tel:  724-254-2666 Ext:  1180
    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at Purchase Line School District
    16559 Rte 286 Hwy E.
    Commodore, PA  15729
    Tel:  724-254-4312 Ext:  4134
    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at United School District
    10780 Rte 56 Hwy E.
    Armagh, PA  15920
    Tel:  814-446-5615 Ext:  2134
    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at Saltsburg School District
    84 Trojan Lane
    Saltsburg, PA  15681
    Tel:  724-639-3854
     Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs
      at Blairsville School District
    102 School Lane
    Blairsville, PA  15717
    Tel:  724-459-5028

    Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs Website

    Our mission is to serve all youth in Indiana County through Evergreen Boys & Girls Clubs of Indiana County core programs:  Character & Leadership Development; Education & Career Development; Health & Life Skills; the Arts; and Sports, Fitness & Recreation.