• BrainSTEPS Initiative:  

    In an effort to support the needs of students with both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, Pennsylvania’s Departments of Education and Health embarked on an initiative to provide local education agencies with resources to do so seven years ago. Thus, BrainSTEPS was formulated in our state. IU28’s team has been in place for the past six years. The team is comprised of a wide variety of educational and parent members. The overriding mission of the team is to assist affected students in their quest to re-enter and be successful in school following their injury, event or illness.
    The second syllable of the BrainSTEPS really says it all. The STEPS is an acronym for: Strategies Teaching Educators Parents and Students.
    Services can be accessed via the guidance offices in local schools or by contacting Bob Truscello, the team leader, at 724-463-5300 ext. 1220.
    The team is available to assist students, family members and educational professionals in every aspect of educational planning for students with brain injury. Team members also coordinate and conduct professional development activities for family members, educational professionals and students and faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The latter initiative has served to assist in the preparation of general and special education teachers.