• Clearance Information


    ARIN IU 28 and PDE require all four pre-employment clearances. Although PDE allows for clearances to be dated within the past 5 years, ARIN requires that clearances must be less than one year old at the time of hire. Original clearances must be presented, although our office will only maintain a copy.


    Volunteers are only required to get the first three clearances, PA Criminal Record Check, PA Child Abuse Clearance and Federal Criminal History Record (only needed if employee has lived in PA for less than 10 years).  The PA Criminal Record Check and PA Child Abuse History Clearance are free for volunteers.


    PA Criminal Record Check (Formerly Act 34--$8.00 Fee Required)

    Apply online at http://epatch.state.pa.us

    PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Formerly Act 151 - $8.00 Fee Required)

    Act 151 Clearances are now available online.  You must create an individual account at http://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home Once an account is created, you will be emailed a temporary password.  Use this password to log in to the system and, click "Access My Clearances".   After reading the instructions, click "Continue" on the bottom right of the screen and then choose "Create Clearance Application".  Prospective employees will need to use their own credit/debit card information to pay for the clearance.

    Click here to download paper application. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing of a paper application.

    Federal Criminal History Record (Formerly Act 114 - $27.00 Fee Required)

    You must obtain an FBI Clearance under the PA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.  No other FBI Clearance will be accepted (Dept of Welfare, Dept of Banking, etc.). You must log on to www.pa.cogentid.com and get a Registration ID  (which starts with PAE).  After registering, you can contact 724-463-5300 to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.  More information on fingerprinting at ARIN IU can be found by clicking http://iu28.org/Page/206

    Act 24 (Arrest and Conviction Form - No Cost) 

    Click here to download file.  Form needs completed by applicant and then submitted directly to ARIN IU.


    Act 168 (Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure - No Cost) 

    Click here to download file.  Each candidate must fill out a Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure form for both their current employer AND any former employers where the candidate had direct contact with children.  Section I of the forms must be filled out with current/former employer information and turned into ARIN IU.