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Welcome - Little Apples Preschool

Little Apples Preschool

It is with great pleasure that through the ARIN IU 28 program, we are able to offer our reverse mainstream classrooms. Our classrooms are open to the children we serve as well as to the children in our surrounding communities.

A reverse mainstream classroom is one where regular education students enter into a special education classroom. Our classes are taught by certified special education staff. The class sizes will generally be smaller than a typical classroom, serving 12 students per class. The premise of the classroom is that children with specific needs will learn to grow and develop when surrounded by “typically developing” children. Together the children learn from one another socially and behaviorally. Empathy, acceptance and tolerance are also skills that are developed as we work together within our classroom community in learning that while we are all different, we can also be the same. In addition, we learn that we all have wonderful skills to offer to those around us. We learn that we all have something amazing that we can contribute to society.

What a wonderful beginning for children as they start their journey into the world of Preschool and Kindergarten.

Little Apples Preschool welcomes the children and their unique gifts. It is truly a very “special” place to be!