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Managed Technology Services

ARIN offers an all-encompassing solution for managing your technology systems. Services include server and network management, tiered helpdesk services, technology consulting and integration, budgeting and procurement management and website management. Our goal is to make sure you can focus on your primary business and leave the technology management to us without interruption.

Managed Technology Services Include:
  • Proactively monitor and maintain your school's critical servers, network equipment and applications
  • Web-content filtering administration
  • Helpdesk services to support staff remotely and on-site
  • Training to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Support and coordination for school website
  • Budgeting and procurement management
ARIN offers a three part technology management solution encompassing server administration, network administration, and mobile device management. Technology management is provided through the combined expertise of the district-level technology coordinator and the central office technology services department staff.
Server Administration
As a portion of the three part technology management solution, ARIN provides its districts with server administration. Server administration includes the design, installation, administration, and optimization of servers and related components to achieve the best possible performance. ARIN also works to ensure the availability of client/server applications, configures all new implementations, and develops processes and procedures for the ongoing management of the server environment. Maintenance of file and folder sharing, network printing, security, anti-virus, DNS, and DHCP is also handled through ARIN. In accordance with District policies, ARIN will maintain all necessary data backups. Also included in this portion of the three part technology management solution is the oversight of the physical security, integrity, and safety of the servers.

Network Administration
The second component of the three part technology management solution provided by ARIN is network administration. Similar to server administration, network administration include the design, installation, administration, and optimization of switches and network related components. ARIN will also work with port configuration and security, and will ensure that all firmware updates have been applied as required. The last aspect of the network administration component for ARIN is to ensure WAN, LAN, and WLAN connectivity.

Mobile Device Management
The third and final component of ARIN’s technology management solution is mobile device management. ARIN will work to manage any mobile devices approved by the District. Management includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data, and configuration settings for any mobile device approved by the District, including but not limited to, mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. ARIN utilizes mobile device management to control and protect the data that travels between the mobile device and the network. Mobile device management can optimize the functionality and security of the District’s mobile communications network.
ARIN offers a comprehensive set of technology services and support, which is broken down into a tiered helpdesk system. Consisting of three tiers, ARIN offers on-site and remote helpdesk assistance provided through the expertise of on-site technicians, the district-level technology coordinator, and the central office technology services department staff.
Tier I – Desktop Support on-site. A majority of issues will fall under this tier. Tier I includes collecting end-user information, analyzing symptoms, and identifying the underlying problem. In this tier, ARIN also provides answers to general end-user questions and the initial troubleshooting of end-user hardware (i.e. PCs, monitors, mobile devices, printers, accessories, and peripherals), District approved software and applications, and virus and malware related issues.
Tier II – Network and Server Support is delivered by ARIN both on-site and remotely. Tier II includes the verification of the end-user information and the steps completed by Tier I (if Tier I was not able to resolve the issue), and continuing to solve the issue. ARIN also addresses issues and outages in the areas of servers and networking, and enterprise-wide applications and software.
Delivered mostly remotely, Tier III – Planning, Developing, and Implementing assists Tier I and II Support with research and development of complex issues. ARIN also utilizes Tier III services for determining when to continue troubleshooting, and when to recommend replacing. Tier III Support is provided by the district-level technology coordinator.

As an educational entity, ARIN is able to offer consulting and integration on a different level than our corporate counterparts. As a portion of this solution, ARIN offers workshops for administration, teachers, and staff. Workshops could include, but are not limited to, new hardware and software implementations, integrating technology into the classroom, utilizing existing technology more effectively, and working with teachers to enhance their curriculum through technology. Also offered through the consulting and integration solution are new software, hardware, and network deployments. ARIN also provides reports to administration and the School Board in areas including, but not limited to, incidents received, project statuses, technology planning, and IT budgeting and acquisitions.
ARIN offers a solution for the management of new and existing school websites, including the offering of workshops for administrators, teachers, and staff. Management and enhancement of the overall layout of the website is included in this solution. ARIN also offers the ability to establish and/or modify existing guidelines for staff, faculty, department, school, and district content development and maintenance to meet the needs of the district. The website management solution also includes the development and maintenance of a Technology Services department website, as well as, staff website(s) for Technology Services team members. Offered in conjunction with the Technology Services and Support solution, ARIN offers technical support of the website management software for administration, teachers, and staff.

ARIN offers a complete solution for technology budget management. Beginning with an analysis of the current budget, the district-level technology coordinator will investigate areas in which the district could recognize savings potential, as well as reallocation of budgeted funds to maximize return on investment. ARIN also assumes planning responsibilities for all present and future technology projects and purchases. In addition, ARIN offers the coordination of purchase, procurement, and distribution of all items related to Information Technology.

ARIN offers a complete managed print services solution that begins with an analysis of printer usage and the design of the print network. ARIN will also manage and optimize the use of School District owned printers, and manage and monitor the functionality of School District owned printers. In addition, ARIN offers management of toner inventory, including the coordination of purchase, procurement, and distribution of new toner cartridges as necessary. Offered in conjunction with the Technology Services and Support solution, ARIN offers technical support and service of School District owned printers.

What is your next move? Let ARIN help you decide. ARIN offers a no obligation assessment and audit of your current Technology Services department. ARIN works with your team, technologies and processes to dig deep and provide valuable insights. The end goal of ARIN’s Technology Assessment and Audit is to optimize the Technology Services department within your district.
Assess Your Current State
ARIN will assess and report on the current state of IT within your district. As part of the assessment, ARIN will consider what is working well, and what is not working well. ARIN will also work to pinpoint gaps, risks and issues, and discuss their impact. A look at the current IT budget to determine where money is being spent is also included in this initial assessment. ARIN will also work with the current Technology Services department to determine how they are responding to the needs of the district. At the conclusion of the initial assessment, ARIN will generate a Technology Services Report Card that will be used throughout the remainder of the process.

Identify New Opportunities
In conjunction with the Technology Services Report Card, ARIN will work with the district administration to determine if there is room for improvement. ARIN will identify the most effective opportunities, align them with existing projects, procedures, and policies, and create a roadmap to ensure these opportunities are seized. In addition to identifying new opportunities, ARIN will work with the current Technology Services department to prioritize existing projects, based on the initial assessment and the Technology Services Report Card.

Technology Planning
We have assessed the situation, and identified new opportunities – now what? Now that ARIN has the information, a roadmap for the future will be created for the district and practical recommendations with be provided. In addition, ARIN will develop a technology lifecycle forecast. Using the Report Card, the roadmap, and the lifecycle forecast, ARIN will discuss all of the current and future technology projects and will develop a 3-year plan for the success of Technology Services within the district.