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Online Driver Education Theory Course

Online Driver Education Theory Course

Course Description

The ARIN IU28 Driver Education Program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The course consists of thirty hours of instruction.  Students that reach an 80% average proficiency will successfully complete the online portion of the course.  Students will be engaged in the online learning process through inquiry based learning, reading, observation,discussion, analysis, and assessment. 

The Online course will be scheduled over an eight week cycle for enrolled students.  All course requirements and assessments will be due at the end of the eight week cycle.

The Online Driver Education class will be facilitated by a Pennsylvania Department of Education certified teacher of Driver Education.  The teacher will utilize observation and communication of student progress through classroom instruction and online assessment by quizzes, discussion boards, completed assignments, and a midterm and final exams.

Parents can review the progress reports by accessing the student grade book and outline reports..

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