• ARIN IU 28 Business Office 

    Phone:  724-463-5300 

    The Business Office is responsible for business administration, accounting, payroll, personnel, investments and other financial services for ARIN programs, as well as providing assistance to school districts.  It is also responsible for the operation of the ARIN IU 28 administrative facility.
    Clifford A. Geary, Director of Finance
    cgeary@iu28.org, ext 1255
    Amanda M. Vresilovic, Assistant Business Manager
    avresilovic@iu28.org, ext 1256

    Sylvana L. Brocious, Secretary for Business
    sbrocious@iu28.org, ext 1253
    Wendy N. Sheeder, Accounting Technician II
    wsheeder@iu28.org, ext 1254

    Cheryl Motter, Accounting Technician II
    cmotter@iu28.org, ext 1232
    Jill M. Ramer, Secretary Specialist
    jramer@iu28.org, ext 1251