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School District Main Offices 

Apollo-Ridge School District

Dr. Matthew E. Curci, Superintendent
Ms. Jamie Laws, Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 219, 1825 State Route 56
Spring Church, PA 15686-0219
724-478-6000 ext. 6010
FAX: 724-478-1149

Armstrong School District

Mr. Chris M. DeVivo, Superintendent
Ms. Jennie Montebell, Administrative Assistant
181 Heritage Park Drive, Suite 2
Kittanning, PA  16201-7025
724-548-7200 / 724-548-6000
FAX: 724-548-7201

Freeport Area School District

Mr. Ian M. Magness, Superintendent
Ms. Mary Dobransky, Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box C
Freeport, PA 16229-0303
724-295-5141 ext. 224
FAX: 724-295-3001
EMAIL: [email protected]
Mr. Ralph J. Cecere, Jr., Superintendent
Ms. Erin Collins, Administrative Assistant
65 Wildcat Lane
Homer City, PA 15748-1602
724-479-8080 ext. *2108
FAX: 724-479-3967
EMAIL: employee first initial and last [email protected]

Indiana Area School District

Mr. Robert J. Heinrich, Superintendent
Ms. Anise Markle, Administrative Assistant
501 East Pike
Indiana, PA 15701-2298
724-463-8713 ext. 116
FAX: 724-463-0868

Leechburg Area School District

Dr. David Keibler, Superintendent
Ms. Jaime Spiering, Administrative Assistant
210 Penn Avenue
Leechburg, PA 15656-1278
724-842-9681 ext. 110
FAX: 724-845-2241
EMAIL: [email protected]

Marion Center Area School District

Mr. Clint D. Weimer, Superintendent
Ms. Christina Shilling, Administrative Assistant
22820 Route 403 Hwy N, P.O. Box 156
Marion Center, PA 15759-0156
724-397-5551 / 724-465-6130 ext. 5000
FAX: 724-397-9144
EMAIL:  employee first initial and last [email protected]

Penns Manor Area School District

Mr. Daren K. Johnston, Superintendent
Ms. Julianne M. Miller, Administrative Assistant
6003 Route 553 Hwy
Clymer, PA 15728-8318
724-254-2666 / 800-438-7001 ext. 4951
FAX: 724-254-3418
EMAIL: [email protected]

Purchase Line School District

Ms. Patricia A. Berezansky, Superintendent
Ms. Laci Rummel, Administrative Assistant
16559 Rte 286 Hwy East
Commodore, PA 15729
724-254-4312 ext. 4019
FAX: 724-254-1621
EMAIL: employee last name and first [email protected]
Mr. Philip Martell, Superintendent
Ms. Alice Santoro, Administrative Assistant
102 School Lane
Blairsville, PA 15717-8709
724-459-5500 ext. 8 1101
FAX: 724-459-9209

United School District

Dr. Richard E. Lucas, Superintendent
Ms. Barbara Turner, Administrative Assistant
10780 Rte 56 Hwy East
Armagh, PA 15920
814-446-5615 ext. 3301
FAX: 814-446-6615

Technology/Technical Schools 

Indiana County Technology Center

Mr. Daren K. Johnston, Superintendent of Record
Mr. Michael J. McDermott, Administrative Director
Ms. Alyssa Kuhner, Administrative Assistant
441 Hamill Road
Indiana, PA  15701-1465
724-349-6700 ext. 104
FAX: 724-349-6411
EMAIL: employee first initial and last [email protected]

Lenape Technical School

Dr. Matthew E. Curci, Superintendent of Record
Mr. Wesley Kuchta, Administrative Director
Ms. Suzanne Stuben, Administrative Assistant
2215 Chaplin Avenue
Ford City, PA  16226-1608
FAX: 724-763-9888