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ARIN Excellence Foundation

The Excellence Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was created in 2022 to support educational programming for children in the local communities throughout Indiana and Armstrong County.

The Excellence Foundation currently helps to support after-school programs for five local districts.

The goals of the after-school programs are to help students improve their knowledge and skills in math, reading, and science and to meet performance measures of school attendance, classroom performance, reduced disciplinary referrals, and improved social/educational/behaviors.

To meet these goals, the project utilizes evidence-based STEAM enrichment activities designed to increase students’ reading, math, and science skills; as well as the health, wellness, and social competencies of students; and family educational/engagement activities for the families of participants.

While the programming relies on grant money to cover the majority of the costs, there are gaps in funding to adequately meet all the needs of the program. We are asking for monetary donations to support the additional costs. Education is the foundation upon which stronger communities are built.

When we invest in learning, we invest in a brighter, more connected future for us all.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in giving to this very worthy cause.