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Programs and Services

Districts within ARIN IU28’s boundaries have participated in a statewide consortium purchase of Discovery Education Streaming services since 2008.  
Training, technical assistance, instructional software, research, curriculum integration recommendations, and referrals for classroom teachers and technology coordinators, including activities related to Technology Integration Mentorship and CFF (Classrooms for the Future).  
ARIN offers an all-encompassing solution for managing your technology systems. Services include server and network management, tiered helpdesk services, technology consulting and integration, budgeting and procurement management and website management.
Training and technical support for microcomputer software applications including word processing, spreadsheets, database management, multimedia applications, and Microsoft Windows.  
Regional advisory committee for school district technology coordinators ~ Technology Advisory Committee (TAC); assessment and planning for school district technology plans; telecommunication planning and support on telephone systems and site-wiring plans for data, voice, and video networks.  
On-site videoconferences; coordination and technical assistance for school district distance-learning programs. Training and support for desktop conferencing using Elluminate client software to enable web meetings. Teachers and administrators can request virtual rooms for meetings, webinars, and distance learning activities.
Aggregated broadband Internet access and network support to school districts participating in the ARIN wide area network consortium.
ARIN participates in the Inter-Library Delivery Service, which facilitates the interchange of resources between libraries and other members of the AccessPA system.