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Videoconferencing and Distance Learning Support


ARIN IU28 has recently designed video conferencing options throughout the Main Office to provide interactive video opportunities for various audiences. By incorporating state of the art equipment, including Lifesize 220 and Polycom High Definition units, IU staff as well as district participants will benefit from the seamless interaction the Conference Suites offer. Participants can then focus on their meeting, not the technology.
Whether you are an individual looking for point-to-point interaction with remote colleagues or an organizer of a larger group needing to “connect” with others locally, nationally, or internationally, the Conference Suites at IU28 can accommodate all your Interactive Video needs! This type of communication and collaboration also helps to save time and money normally associated with travel needs.
 Conference Suite for Larger Groups           
Best Practices for Interactive Video Conferencing:
• Participants should arrive 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the videoconference for an
  operational overview and training.
• All participants should introduce themselves at the beginning of the conference.
• Plan a 10-15 minute break for conferences over two hours.
• Be especially mindful during voice activated multipoint meetings of habits that could affect
  the audio portion of the conference such as tapping of fingers, crumbling of paper in front
  of microphones and objects blocking microphones.
• If there is more than one individual presenting at the same site, there should be a
  "Conference Leader" selected to control the camera and graphics equipment.
• Pan (move the camera to the person speaking), setting up camera presets is a must.
• Bright colors transmit well but avoid loud prints, the color red, plaids and stripes.
• Activate the microphone MUTE when a side conversation is needed and at all times
  during a multipoint bridged conference
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