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Interagency Coordination

Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulations and the litigation known as Cordero v. Commonwealth, the PA Department of Education has developed a system for providing intensive interagency coordination to students with disabilities whose school districts have determined that they cannot appropriately be educated in the public school setting.  This system is imperative for students who have waited or are at risk of waiting more than 30 days for an appropriate educational placement.
In the majority of situations requiring interagency efforts, local IEP and Interagency teams do not require additional assistance to assure the provision of appropriate educational programs and placements for the students they serve.  The interagency coordinator may serve as a liaison in such situations to help with the development of services across agencies.
When it is difficult to determine an appropriate educational placement, the interagency coordinator directly supports collaboration between educators and other child-serving agencies in partnership with families.  The coordinator facilitates team meetings, explores/gathers information regarding local child serving agencies, and helps to problem solve service delivery issues.
For additional information and access to resources, contact:

Amanda Anderson, ARIN IU 28 Interagency Coordinator
[email protected]