Learning Environment and Engagement/Behavior (PBIS)

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and PA’s Chapter 14 Special Education Regulations emphasize that student behavior should not interfere with learning. School districts are responsible for providing safe learning environments to protect the rights of students. Discipline efforts must be focused on designing and implementing a positive and proactive school-wide behavior support system for all students, effective instruction/class-wide management systems, and intensive individualized approaches for students with chronic behavioral difficulties. In line with this, Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBS) is an evidence-based, cost- effective, systems approach for establishing the social culture needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students. PBS helps schools teach students expected behaviors/social skills, provides supports for behavioral health and academics, and emphasizes data-based decision-making. PBIS uses the three-tiered approach of universal interventions (for all students and settings), secondary interventions (for students who are at-risk), and tertiary interventions (for individual students needing specialized assistance).

ARIN's PBIS behavior consultants can help districts/school personnel in a number of ways to address the behavioral needs of students at each of these tiers: Trainings, workshops, and guided practice to establish prevention approaches and interventions for all students at the school, classroom, small group, and individual level

  • Facilitation of team meetings to explore and address behavioral needs of students and/or develop positive behavior support plans
  • Observations and data collection as part of data-based decision making for schools/classrooms and functional behavioral assessments for individual students
  • Modeling and coaching of the use of prevention and intervention strategies in the natural school/classroom environment
  • Exploration and dissemination of helpful resources (books, DVDs, tools, materials)
For additional information and access to resources, contact:
Mariha Shields
ext. 1231
Al Fielder
ext. 1237